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8 Birthday Surprise Ideas For Best Friends To Make Their Day Epic

Birthday surprise ideas for best friends can be challenging and put you into greater thoughts. You have to do your research and feel them feel like the boss to make their day special.

Many best friends we interviewed personally for this article commented:

“Coming up with surprise 31st birthday ideas for best friends can feel like a laborious effort than it needs to be. Especially after you’ve been celebrating your birthdays for 5, 10, or even 20 years!”

Luckily, we’ve come up with many ideas you can ultimately claim as your own brilliance – we won’t tell!

Birthday Pressure And Bestie Duties

We take surprise 31st birthday ideas and best friend duties quite seriously. This relates to being serious while still making cards festooned with party Yetis.

If your BFF is getting set to celebrate their birthday, prepare to make it the most epic one today.

When you continually outdo yourself by being the “bestest-friend-ever,” last year will be impossible to beat. That’s how we think as best and loyal friends. But we should not move away from our best friends.

These duties remind us how special we are to our loved ones and how to make their days epic. We have to be patient, plan ahead, and talk to the people who can assist in executing the surprise.

Plan Surprise Birthday Ideas Even When Physically Apart!

Many of these surprise birthday ideas for best friends execute even if you cannot be together. And the remaining ideas can be for the next years when you are eventually in the same location. Proceed to browse and understand what we want to convey.

We’ve broken the ultimate birthday surprise ideas for best friends into a simple listicle below. Pick and choose which you will implement amongst those. Do not forget to be empathetic, creative, and full of surprising elements, even when you’re far away.

Birthday Surprise Ideas For Best Friends To Make Their Special Days Incredibly Memorable 

Send A Birthday Card To Your BFF 

Texting is not exactly an indication of a special event. Since the pandemic began, we have all had to rely on online communication daily. So, sending a birthday card to your BFF online should be the best creative surprise idea right now.

Mailing A Birthday Card 

What distinguishes mailing a birthday card from sending a text message?

email the birthday card photo

Undoubtedly, thoughtfulness. Sending a surprise birthday card to your best friend requires a little forethought and consideration.

Therefore, do not send the card the day before your best friend’s birthday, as this is not how snail mail works.

As per our birthday surprise ideas for best friends, send the card approximately one week before. And don’t forget to include a note only a best friend could write. Whether you make your birthday card or purchase one, you should execute this idea to the T!

Printable Birthday Cards

Online you will find printable birthday cards on demand. Write the receiver’s address as you order to mail the birthday card to your best friend.

photo for ordering printable birthday cards online

The ordering process is usually straightforward, creative, and fast. Therefore, there is no valid reason not to submit one.

Pizza Birthday Card With A Large Pizza 

Everyone loves food. And we know youngsters love pizza a lot. When there is a free large pizza on a birthday, someone would be a fool to avoid it!

So, in the bucket list of birthday surprise ideas for best friends, this one makes the cut.

Plus, why not pair a pizza birthday card with a large pizza from a popular neighborhood restaurant?

Not a fan of the bread, cheese, and pepperoni pizza?

Consider the one dish your best friend cannot stop talking about, and you have a winner.

There are numerous methods by which you could surprise your greatest friend with a free pizza delivery. Be as creative about it as possible. Or follow us on this page to continue exploring birthday surprise ideas for your loved ones.

Food Ideas For BFF’s Birthday

There are multiple birthday surprise ideas for your best friends, including food items. Some of them are:

  • Surprise them with a scoop from their favorite ice cream shop at the office.
  • Meet them for lunch at their favorite place to go with you.
  • Arrange a picnic with their favorite foods on hand.
  • Use a delivery service to surprise your best friend on their birthday if you are separated from them.

Choose which resonates with your relationship with your best friend the most at the moment. They will indeed be gobsmacked because they know you do your best. That’s why they love you so much as well.

The Celebration Pancakes

Does your bestie love pancakes? So why not surprise them with a mountain of rainbow-sprinkled donuts? If you bake them scratch, that will be an advantage (yummy recipe here). Personally, I love pancakes with maple syrup. You can try that too.

The Pizza Cake

As per the “birthday surprise ideas for best friends” list by us here, we recommend you to deliver a pizza cake! You can find unique ideas to decorate, bake, or order online pizza cakes. There is no end to adding toppings to this birthday cake.

image for happiness is a piece of cake

Make your best friends fall in love with the process of a birthday by ordering a pizza cake. You can bake it at home if you love baking. Find recipes of the same online. Do not forget to add the flavor or ingredients your best friends love to eat.

Mouth-watering Donuts 

Whenever we are talking about donuts, it is difficult to go wrong with its gooey-doughy deliciousness.

Donuts are the best invention since bread was cut. Only better. Send your best friend a basket of their favorite treats on their birthday, along with a clever birthday pun.

Move Beyond Birthday Hijinks 

Okay, so you’ve sent a birthday card and your best friend’s favorite cuisine as a surprise.

Do not end there!

picture for Birthday surprise ideas for best friends in little and memorable things

What about the presents? You must go above and beyond the usual birthday hijinks. This includes investing your time, thought process, and money in creating memorable items or presents.

This could be through:

  • Photo collages using different aesthetic appeals
  • Photo/video albums
  • Social media memories
  • Photo on birthday cakes


We are now ending the crazy list of birthday surprise ideas for best friends here. But we will keep coming back for you. Focus on the items we discussed above first. Learn to surprise your friends with even more special gifts.


What do you think?

Written by Nilakshi Garg

Nilakshi Garg is a published author. Her debut novel is Mirage. Available on Amazon, Google Play Store, and Flipkart. Otherwise, she is owner of Popularity magazine. She is also a professional blogger, motivational speaker, influencer, and writer. She is basically an entrepreneur. #bosslady


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