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Contextual Uncertainty: How Do Human Resource Managers Deal With It?

Managing human resources might be one of the most challenging tasks in the corporate world. Human resource managers constantly face contextual uncertainty in today’s VUCA-enabled world.

An organisation can be well-grounded in terms of its design and vision. However, when it comes to HR functions, they must be proactive.

The following are some of the contextual uncertainties that HR management faces:

  •  Talent acquisition
  •  Economic growth
  •  Staff retention
  •  Societal culture changes
  •  Market fluctuations
  •  Technological changes
  •  Global health crisis, etc.

Hence, it’s always good to be prepared to face any uncertainties that might arise in this fast-paced world.

Smarter Strategies HR Managers Apply To Deal With Contextual Uncertainty In Their Organisations:

Here’s the list of workable strategies to follow and avert a crisis.

Focus on continuous performance and personality development.

By focusing on performance management, HR managers can identify the skills required to perform a job efficiently. 

image of charts to focus on performance development as a part of the contextual uncertainty

With the help of uKnowva HRMS software, HRMs can use the 360-degree feedback system to create an evident, fact-based report of employee performance. 

In addition, with the help of the performance report, it is easy to find areas that need improvement and work on them.

Personality development has excellent importance in workplace management. HR managers should improve their personalities and teams to prepare them internally for contextual uncertainties.

With proper training, employees will develop resilience and a positive mindset that helps them easily face challenges.

Sharpen the problem-solving attitude and mindset. 

Constantly handling people-related concerns needs efficient problem-solving skills. A quick-on-the-feet, go-getter attitude is necessary when it comes to human resources management. 

By sharpening and enhancing these skills, HRMs can withstand and tackle any unexpected curveballs.

image for problem solving attitude and mindset

To ease the burden of contextual uncertainty, HR managers can use uKnowva’s HR analytics tools to gain insight into the firm’s current situation. With that knowledge, they can predict and diagnose possible dangers and devise strategies to deal with them in advance.

Review performance reports regularly.

As we discussed in the previous point, regularly reviewing employees’ performance reports can help increase productivity and handle contextual uncertainty.

HRMs can set company goals and performance objectives with uKnowva Performance Management Software. 

This lays the groundwork for future reference, and managers can assess the reports. In addition, creating scorecards to assign values to performance enables the HR department to check past and present performances.

Establish purposeful communication channels. 

Communication is the key when it comes to dealing with workplace conflicts. By establishing proper communication, employees will have a safe space to express their concerns. It prevents conflicts from blowing up further and helps with finding apt solutions.

image for 3 people communicating from laptop outside or from anywhere

uKnowva’s social intranet allows employees to communicate with each other through various engaging channels. 

They can participate in polls, surveys, and discussion forums to connect and participate in company decisions. It dissipates uncertain and ambiguous conflicts in the firm within minutes, enabling transparent communication.

Spot the rising talent in the organisation.

Identifying and nurturing rising talent in the organisation will reap incredible long-term benefits. 

It contributes to the employee’s professional growth and prepares the organisation to deal with future conflicts. Providing necessary support to outperforming individuals will improve the productivity of the firm.

HR tech tools like uKnowva’s HR analytics will help source high-potential individuals and identify their strong suits. It simplifies the search process while also providing accurate statistics.

Build outperforming teams using smarter tech tools.

Building a team of high-potential individuals manually is no easy task when we deal with contextual uncertainty daily. Talent recruiters and managers need to care and pay attention. Only then can they hunt for passionate and willing individuals. 

It is a rigorous process of comparing performance reports and feedback from numerous employees.

uKnowva comes with in-built technologies that automate talent management into a more straightforward process. It gives access to performance management tools such as projects and timesheets that make tracking easier.

Human resources managers can assemble a team of these high-performing individuals. And train them to manage conflicts. Again, this will be of great use in unprecedented times with no institutional context.

Leverage scenario planning strategies.

Creating scenario planning strategies prepares companies for contextual uncertainty that may arise from external factors. 

It helps HR professionals visualise possible scenarios with available data. They can then proceed to build potential strategies to help combat the conflict.

Scenario planning strategies pertain to fundamental HR roles every HR person must consider. It broadens the company’s perspective and builds its resistance against unforeseen risks.

Encourage teams to learn and implement new digital skills every quarter.

Investing in training employees with new skills every quarter is a great way to enhance the overall performance of the organisation. 

image for learning digital skills to tackle contextual uncertainty in organisations

In this fast-paced world, staying ahead of the curve is vital to keeping up with emerging economies. Training employees in skills that will trend in a few months will prepare the company for future conflicts.

HR managers can introduce modules and training sessions in the eLMS of uKnowva HRMS software to easily automate and manage the training process.


We live in a period of rapid digital automation. As a result, learning to face contextual uncertainty has become a necessity for every organisation that aims to be successful. 

Planning strategies and training employees to quickly adapt to and overcome obstacles should be prioritised. Companies will face a significant hit if adequate strategies are not conceptualised during a crisis.

Hence, it is crucial for human resource managers to pre-plan and deliver plausible solutions to effectively deal with worst-case scenarios. 

That’s how uKnowva HRMS solutions fit into this picture of rapid digital transformation. These solutions enable HRs to face everyday common and uncommon complexities, delivering seamless experiences to every user. 

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Written by Nilakshi Garg

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