6 Tips To Increase Your Banquet Halls Or Restaurant Sales

Are you facing issues trying to increase your banquet halls or restaurant sales?

Then you have the right blog post to click and read at your reading speed.

I’ve covered a few essentials and exciting tips that progress your banquet sales to a whole new level. Use them all if you connect with these banquet halls and restaurant sales increasing tips.

Your banquet halls in Delhi revenue will skyrocket, as my online research. So, follow these tips to increase your banquet sales and have more satisfied customers.

6 Tips To Increase Your Banquet Halls Or Restaurant Sales:

Develop a plan to increase banquet or restaurant sales.

Consider developing add-on services if you want to generate more revenue from banquets/restaurants.

Banquet packages should include a centerpiece, table linens, and house wine. In addition, add-ons like ice carvings, upgraded linens, and a chocolate fountain can increase your revenue.

Whereas for restaurant services, you can have more floors, nice décor, and collaborate with influencers. Try making chef’s special dishes (new) every day. This will give regulars to taste something new daily.

You can also partner with local businesses to offer additional services and help each other promote their business.

Providing exceptional services helps increase your banquet halls or restaurant sales.

Whether you have a small boutique hotel or a full-service hotel, your goal is to bring new business in and increase the average spend per customer. One way to achieve this is to add new items to your menu and learn how to upsell.

For example, offering free champagne to repeat customers will increase their likelihood of booking your event/table.

Offering discounts, complimentary champagne, or other items is an additional way to attract new customers.

Build a vendor list.

One of the best ways to make more money at a banquet is to build a vendor list.

Whether you want to increase the sales of your banquet halls in Delhi or streamline your private events program, have a list of potential vendors to refer to clients.

image for using software to track loyal customers

Whether you’re planning a wedding reception or a corporate workshop, there are many ways to build a vendor list.

Email your ex-customers to drive banquet and restaurant sales. Give them attractive offers. Indulge in loyalty programs. Use automation software to check who is clicking your newsletters often.

That way, you can build a list to increase your banquet halls or restaurant sales exponentially.

Plus, when you offer them high-quality service once, they would love to connect and explore. Be it your banquet hall or restaurant; the business is likely to boom. For that, consistently maintaining and increasing your vendor list is essential.

Doing so, you will never be out of leads to explore and vendors to approach for discounted deals.

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Advertise additional services.

Advertising additional services help a lot to increase your banquet halls or restaurant sales. First, you have to make your business stand out in front of potential clients. Then, by offering them additional services, you win their attention and interest for more time.


You can offer live music, ladies’ nights, free drinks, etc., as additional services on weekends for your restaurants to pick up sales. Similarly, you can give other services to your banquet hall clients to give them something extra in the same package.

picture for chef standing with the blackboard to offer additional services to clients

That can involve extra DJ hours, plates/cuisines/drinks, or more room for wild card entry of other guests. Then, you can also offer them referral programs and rewards. That pertains to building a loyalty scheme around your business.

You can offer them to your loyal, regular, and elite clients or customers. That is to keep bringing them back. Track their progress and impact on your banquet hall or restaurant sales using cloud-based catering software.

Make a list of the guests, their demographics, ethnicities, age, preferences, etc. That will help you provide them with extra amenities as per their culture and religion. You will get a lot of ethnicities in Delhi while doing restaurant or banquet hall business.

That is why you must maintain a list or database of your potential and regular clients. It will help you immensely increase your banquet halls or restaurant sales. Because then you can tap into these leads whenever you want, using the additional services offered.


If you want to boost your banquet hall and restaurant sales, upsell your guests.


When your banquet is a one-stop shop for weddings and events, you could offer a florist or audio-visual company as a standard option. You can also partner with wine stores and dessert chefs. Offering a wine pairing with certain menu items sounds like a good idea.

The next step in your upsell strategy is to profile your guests to ensure you are only upselling services they’d want.

Research shows that 60% of consumers are willing to spend more on services they usually purchase. Thus, take the time to profile your clients and make your upsells based on this information.

If you’re unsure what to upsell, consider emailing your guests before their arrival and asking them about their preferences.

Offer specialized packages

Another way to increase your banquet halls or restaurant sales is by emailing ex-customers. Offer them curated, bespoke, or specialized packages. Then, build a loyalty program based on their interactions with your email campaigns.

picture for specially discounted offers to increase your banquet halls or restaurant sales

You build different levels of surprises, gifts, and redemption plans. However, remember to use a loyalty program management software as well. It will help you track the sales, referrals, and redemption on points by these members/ex-customers.

Such programs help you in:

  • Reducing food and venue maintenance costs.
  • Reducing the cost of acquiring new customers.
  • Reducing cost on marketing through Omni channels.


You can find more strategies online to increase your banquet halls or restaurant sales. But the ones mentioned above are top-class and more in demand. So try them out and make your approach customer-centric when trying to increase your business sales.

Expanding the reach will be easy when you recognize your potential customers and their demands. Develop specialized packages for certain customers and track their experience + after-sale responses.

That is where you get the correct answer to expand and increase any business, including banquet and restaurants in Delhi.

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