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What Reading 10 Pages Every Day Does To Your Brain?

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I have been reading literally since my childhood. So, forgive me if you think I am biased while writing this piece. But it is coming from sheer experience of years of reading like a pro and ardent fan.

Reading 10 pages every day has a lot of advantages for your brain and personality. From the blog below, you will know how you develop yourself for the better by reading daily. My only motive while writing this blog post is to encourage people to read.

Because…, honestly, there is a lot of potential and room for Indian readers to level up their hunger for newer, mature, and unique content in books.

Effects Of Reading 10 Pages Every Day On Your Brain

You start to pause and learn.

Life is a struggle, a rat race. We all run after an invisible trophy, but it takes a toll on us and our quality of life. Reading amidst that hunt is on the verge of becoming no less than a luxurious habit.

But reading makes you pause and learn. At times, we need to stop and see the beauty around us. We need to stop and marvel at the consequences of our actions and behaviors. That happens when we pause and assess.

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This quality sharpens over time by reading 10 pages every day at the least. Enjoying this pause in your regular or mundane life is important.

Right now, I am taking this pause out of my routine life by writing this blog, for example. The pause will extend when I reread this piece to chisel it down for my readers.

This type of pause makes me happy, satisfied, and attuned to my aspirations and purpose in life.

Helps you find life’s purpose or calling.

This hits randomly. There is no guarantee. But reading 10 pages daily makes you think. It allows the brain to think beyond your earlier perception of life around you. When you do that, you start to question.

You go in search of the truth that you will believe and resonate the most with. After that happens to you or the mind, your calling in life sets in.

Through constant writing, reading, and consuming content, I realized that I wanted to be a writer and researcher. It’s always been my backbone. Using my research and reading skills, further calling hit me to become an author, guide, speaker, and entrepreneur.

To date, I have worked with 20+ freelance writers myself. The journey has been beautiful yet challenging. Working as a boss lady, I have learned new things and behavioral cues daily.

All that came from my habit of reading 10 pages every day, to the very least. There have been days where I read 250-300 pages of a book in 1-3 sittings. That habit develops only after a while.

Become an exceptional editor.

If you’re in the field of writing and editing, reading 10 pages every day is very fruitful. You must read the latest articles, journals, essays, and opinions online. That is for the country you are targeting or editing.

image for becoming an editor while reading 10 pages every day

It will sharpen your hold on grammatical knowledge, style, and structure of sentences suitable for target readers. Reading every day is a great habit for a teacher too. If you’re an editor who teaches editing to students, this is a practice you should harp on.

Practice reading different formats of content daily. That will improve your knowledge, editing, and teaching skills. Impress your students with a new figure of speeches, examples, and styles for the same.

Make a note of the important paragraphs or sentences. Even better when you make a bank of important essays, sentences, lines, or paragraphs. You can go back to those points to sharpen your knowledge for the editing process.

Read exceptional papers like CNBC, The Hindu, The Statesman, New York Times, The Economic Times, BBC, etc. To get a hold of business language, you can read HBR articles and books. Then there is Gallup, PeoplesMatter, Entrepreneur, and Forbes.

Such papers help you to sharpen your attention on your writing + editing skills like never before. But it will only become more legitimate when you read at least 10-30 pages daily. Make time out of it from your schedule. Don’t give excuses to yourself.

Count your progress as you read, write, and teach. Check your growth after 30-90 days, and you won’t believe the journey yourself at a glance.

Then, do not forget to revisit to thank us for the same. Heh!

Become the best information hunter and improve your research skills.

This benefit comes from personal experience. My research skills are now exceptional and better than what I had in my mind 5-10 years ago. I usually know the user’s intent while reading, researching, and filtering out the information to write down in the blog post.

picture for curious mind and improving knowledge

In fact, I sometimes end up surprising myself with the content structure I publish online. It happens because of my tremendous habit of reading 10 pages every day without fail.

This habit doesn’t develop overnight. You need to pick very interesting, wicked, and suspenseful topics first.

Because these are the ones that hook you from the first page. Later, you develop a scholar’s mindset. You will be more interested in the diverse book to increase your knowledge.

That’s not all.

You learn a lot of things when you read from an authentic source. Reading books, novels, magazines, zines, etc., is an interesting habit for new-age learners and researchers. They develop a brain that forces them to learn new skills.

You can also learn survival, life-saving, and life-enriching or enhancing skills by reading daily. Do not take reading 10-30 pages daily lightly.

You will observe a drastic change in your life’s perception when you read books on philosophies, emotions, behaviors, suspense, murder, romance, etc. The same experience is like going to a place without leaving your favorite corner inside the house.

There is no need for you to step out into the cruel or busy world to learn its dynamics. That’s the magical power of reading news, articles, books, novels, and other formats daily. Readers can also include carousels and memes in that format for educational purposes.

Become a curious soul. 

Being curious and solving puzzles is not everyone’s forte and skill. But reading 10 pages every day gives you that advantage and power. Your brain develops reasoning and mathematics acumen to a new level when reading mysteries, memoirs, biographies, or autobiographies.

image for two men reading and becoming curious

You learn what different trajectory each person lives mentioned in the book, documentary, or novel. This experience makes you a curious soul every day, along with being a sorted and empathetic human being.

With time, you become more responsive than reactive. That is a good trait to develop while dealing with difficult people on various fronts of your life. Being curious also means your observation skills will develop rapidly in time.

It would be hard for manipulators or negative people to fool you. Rather, your mind would sense their negative vibes before they even speak one paragraph out of their mouth in pretense to connect.

So, reading ten pages daily is very useful for a curious soul who can save itself from numerous troubles in life.

Learn to back knowledge with logic. 

Read a flavorful of books at home, office, or wherever you currently reside. These books will back your knowledge with logic. No single book is completely absurd, even if it looks so on the face of it.

There is an arc, graph, plotting, character-building practices, and even loopholes contained in a book or novel. You can dissect the logic behind the scenes or shots narrated in a book. Some of them will give you the best logic behind real-life scenarios.

For others… well, there’s always a scope for making viral reactions on specific dialogues. Isn’t it?

The moral is that reading 10 pages every day gives you a chance to develop reasoning. Your perception and take on life evolve. Reading daily gives you a new shift in the direction or lens through which you judge others around you.

At times, people end up crying, healing childhood traumas, and getting super-motivated like never before while reading. Truly, people have found their life’s purpose and calling while READING!

And I am one of those people. That’s why I can tell you with utter conviction that reading surely develops and supports your knowledge with logic.

End Note:

I cannot force you into reading 10 pages every day without knowing your schedule and personality personally. But I will end this blog post, hoping you will keep coming back. See what more I have to say about reading as a life-changing and brain-evolving habit.

Till then, share it with your friends, colleagues, strangers on a bus, or students in the class. Motivate each other to read daily and discover a new world, place, or thing daily.

What do you think?

Written by Nilakshi Garg

Nilakshi Garg is a published author. Her debut novel is Mirage. Available on Amazon, Google Play Store, and Flipkart. Otherwise, she is owner of Popularity magazine. She is also a professional blogger, motivational speaker, influencer, and writer. She is basically an entrepreneur. #bosslady


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