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List Of 7 Investment Plans Better Than Gold

What is the purpose of investment plans? Is it a secure future?


A secured future can be the primary reason behind the investment plans. But do you know what investors can expect better? It’s simple!

Investors invest their money in the most beneficial investment plans due to sky-high returns fewer times. Similarly, investors consider that their principal amount should not be lost. As a result, most of them choose to invest in gold; the safest option one can have.

But what if you get some best investing options better than gold? That will be nice, no?

We will talk about them in this article. So, let’s start with the following.

7 Top Investment Plans As Alternatives To Gold Investments

Direct Equity

The value of stocks depends on the market conditions. Therefore, investing in Equity might not be everyone’s choice.

Also, the fact is that your entry and exit in the market matter more when you want to buy direct Equity. On top of that, the returns are also not guaranteed, and still, it’s the best investment choice than Gold. Why?

Compared to other assets, Equity offers higher returns, and you need to add a stop loss, which is essential to reduce the risk of losing. Similarly, this helps to earn inflation-adjusted returns and is best for the long-term horizon.

Real Estate Investment

Today, real estate is amongst the top businesses in the world. Therefore, investing in real estate can be a better solution as land prices are increasing daily. Investing in real estate has two main benefits: rent and high returns.

image for real estate investment plans

For example, if you purchase a property, you can leave it on the rent. Also, if you don’t want to leave it for rent, you can quickly sell it once the price goes up.

This means there is no loss and only profit! You can either earn regular monthly rental income or sell it for huge returns.

Debt Mutual Funds

Direct equity is almost similar to debt mutual funds. However, it is amongst the best investment plans for those who want to earn fixed returns.

The risk is fewer, and they are the less volatile form of investment. Further, debt mutual funds help you invest in securities, such as government securities, commercial paper, bonds, and much more.

However, a short amount of risk is involved in investment plans, such as credit risk, interest risk, etc. Therefore, if you want to invest in this type of investment option, ensure you have gone through the risks, interest rates, and some essential knowledge.

Binary Options Trading

Now, most will say that binary options trading involves high risk, then why have we added that to this list? The one-line answer is enormous returns!

First, understand that binary options trading is a matter of YES and NO prepositions. You have to guess whether an asset price will increase or decrease. However, do you know the best part? You can earn up to 70% to 90% of your profit. Isn’t that amazing?

Also, some binary options brokers are available in the market to help you with proper research analysis, charts, etc.

Olymptrade is among the best to invest in binary options.

image for market analysis while taking participating in investment plans

As per Olymptrade Reviews, it has several features to help you study the market conditions:

  • Market analysis,
  • Daily market news,
  • Minimum deposits, etc.

So, before investing, try this!

Invest in Business

Nowadays, businesses and their expansions are important to capture more audiences from different valuable corners of the world. Therefore, why don’t you invest in your business if you have sufficient capital? Investing in your business organization can increase the profit margin.

images for investing in businesses and startups

Remember that expanding your business activities, such as opening a branch in a new city, will help you a lot.

This will increase your customer base, and your sales margin will increase indirectly. Once the sale increases, your profit can double or more than the portion you have invested before.

So, what do you say? Will you invest your money into a business?

Certificates of Deposits

Investment plans better than gold include Certificates of Deposits. You can invest here if your goal is to earn more than a savings account. They are of two types: Long-Term CDs and Short-Term CDs.

But it involves a few terms and conditions. One of the terms says that you will charge if you withdraw the amount of CD before the starting period.

Also, consider that once you put your money into CDs, your money will not be available to use in different jobs as you can with saving account deposits. So, if you have a considerable amount that you will not need for many years, invest in CDs.

Corporate Bonds

Lastly, we have included the corporate bonds in this list. Such bonds are issued by corporate organizations with a commitment to a certain rate of returns. Therefore, most investors can earn money sitting on a chair only.

Companies with credit ratings from CRISIL & AA – can offer corporate bonds to every investor. Furthermore, investors commonly buy them due to their different features and advantages. Some of them are higher returns, better liquidity, enough security, etc.

Furthermore, these bonds are made for a certain period. So, if you have an amount of no use for a specific period, invest them in corporate bonds.

Conclusion On Alternative Investment Plans Than The Gold

That’s it!

If you want to invest your money, Gold is a perfect choice as it can give you a sufficient refund.

Also, due to the increase in prices, Gold can be an ideal choice for today’s investors. But what if you get the best investment plans better than Gold? Will you start investing in those?

We have mentioned a few easiest and most suitable investment plans for everyone. It includes direct equity, real estate, binary options trading, business investment, and many more.

So, take a look at that and share your opinion on investing options. Also, don’t forget to mention your favorite investment option from the above section.

What do you think?

Written by Nilakshi Garg

Nilakshi Garg is a published author. Her debut novel is Mirage. Available on Amazon, Google Play Store, and Flipkart. Otherwise, she is owner of Popularity magazine. She is also a professional blogger, motivational speaker, influencer, and writer. She is basically an entrepreneur. #bosslady


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