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Beginner’s Book Printing Guide: 5 Things To Consider

Beginner’s book printing guide is in demand. We researched about it. And could not resist answering why it is one of the trendy topics among writers, authors, publishers, and distributors.

We know that publishing a book can be an exciting process. You might have put years of sweat, blood, and tears into the book. That is, if you’re an author or a budding writer.

You might be waiting to reach the finishing line of this process.

However, you will commit mistakes like other newbie authors and publishers without complete and essential knowledge. These mistakes also happen because authors have half-baked knowledge of the book printing business.

Rushing things puts authors and other creative people in the book printing venture at loss-bearing positions.

So, before you finalize your book printing and look through book printing services, there are a few factors you need to take into account. Let’s take a look at them.

Book Printing Guide: 5 Things To Consider In This Business

Choose A Killer Book Cover Design.

No matter what people say, readers always tend to judge a book by its cover. The cover design might be more important than you realize.

picture for killer book cover designs

The right cover can get a potential reader to pick up your book in a bookstore. People decide within the snap of a finger. Therefore, having an incredible cover design can help.

You can use an online tool to design your book cover for free or with limited virtual assistance. Your book should appeal to the audience more visually compared to other books in the market.

This is the basic step of learning the book printing guide and implementing it faultlessly.

Perfect Your Written Drafts & Stories.

No matter what you have written in the spiral bound book, it has to be in the best shape. This means you will have to take the help of a proofreader and an editor.

image for perfecting the book or novel story

Surely, you do not want the leaders to discover the types or the plot holes that can easily be fixed. So, you need to tidy up everything before you choose to print the book.

If you have written a fictional story, work with an editor to give a solid base to that story.

The structure, storytelling, and characterization have to be perfect. This is the reason you need to hire an editor. They ensure that you have laid out the argument well in your story.

When you think you are done editing, hire a proofreader to ensure no typos have slipped in. So, consider editing and proofreading another important step while researching the book printing guide. It will help multiple book writers, distributors, and publishers.

Their book-selling business can shoot up to new levels by investing the time and money in hiring the best possible book editor.

Always hire experienced editors and proofreaders if you invest too much in an author or a story. That tip is for publishers signing a deal with an author.

However, even authors can individually hire or onboard book editors and proofreaders. They must select the best people with a proven background or history. That way, authors know they are investing their money in the right people.

Know Your Target Readers.

As per this beginner’s book printing guide, we find that authors rush into expensive and ineffective book marketing services. It often even targets the wrong segment of readers.

Before you opt for spiral-bound book printing and marketing, evaluate your target readers up close.

Research their age, type of media they are exposed to, interests, their ideals, etc.

Your book might appeal to different readers, which is okay. But you should be aware of these insights on reach marketing efforts that flows down the funnel.

It might appear to be a little extra work but will save you time and money later. You can invest the saved money in more strategic ventures and make your brand stand out.

You can check Goodreads and other book review sites. These portals help find readers’ reviews on the books you publish. You can know these readers’ choices, ages, and more when befriending them online.

It helps you as a person to create a community and build trust amongst your readers. Occasionally, you can follow them back on social media. That would earn you a fan for life.

Maintain An Impressive Online Presence.

It is particularly important for new authors. This is because the first thing that the reviewer will do is Google you. So, you should be able to impress them with your online presence.

Maintain a professional author website and active social media channels. But the keyword here is ‘impress.’ Don’t do it badly.

No need to have a complicated author website; only a few pages will do the magic.

It is always empowering to open and operate a channel where readers review, reply, and reconnect with you. So, when you are done with a new book, you get to tell them first.

Extra tip on this book printing guide:

Try matching the book cover’s fonts, colors, and design style to your online website. Hire a book cover designer, specialized in your niche to create covers that speak and sell.

Use A Solid Distribution Network

You need to have a solid distribution network for your book. That will make it easier for your books to be accessible to readers. They will buy the paperback and hardcover whenever possible. The same is for the online book versions.

A robust distribution network can make/break your book’s reach and popularity. It can make your books available PAN India or across the world: in multiple countries.

man watching books over a stall as a part of book distribution channel under book printing guide

Do not restrict sales by launching your books available in just one format. That’s the best and last tip from the beginner’s book printing guide.

You might have a reading preference, and so might your readers. Hence, your books must be available in the trendiest and in-demand formats.

Bottom Line

Publishing a book is not as easy as it appears to be. Writing a book is overwhelming, and so is printing and distributing it.

Considering these factors listed in the book printing guide above to level up your:

  • Book marketing
  • Book reach in terms of sales, revenue, target readers
  • Book publishing in multiple formats

What do you think?

Written by Nilakshi Garg

Nilakshi Garg is a published author. Her debut novel is Mirage. Available on Amazon, Google Play Store, and Flipkart. Otherwise, she is owner of Popularity magazine. She is also a professional blogger, motivational speaker, influencer, and writer. She is basically an entrepreneur. #bosslady


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