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13 Strange Mistakes Beginners Commit While Performing An Asana

Asana is the physical practice of yoga postures. Due to multiple misunderstandings and western influences, people generally understand yoga asanas types as if they are only physical, which is an incomplete understanding of yoga in itself.

Performing asanas improve flexibility, strength, and balance in a yogi’s body. Postures that we perform are not restricted to bending or exercising. These are ways to keep a mind and body healthy, calm, and active.

Generally, people even relate yoga asanas to unnatural twisting and turning of the body without understanding their benefits or impact on one’s body.

Amongst this all, people are also used to gyms, heavy cardio exercises, and hiring a personal trainer to keep a strict eye on their regime. Thus, starting asanas for improving concentration or any such matter from scratch can be terrible while beginners do commit a mistake.

In This Blog, You Will Know These Mistakes Up-Close And Get A Chance To Improve The Way To Do Yoga:


1) You start with wrong yoga classes


Different yoga practitioners perform or conduct multiple classes for students at various stages of their yogic skills. Most times, a beginner without consulting anyone experienced, gets into a completely wrong yoga class for beginners.

The postures and the flexibility required in moderate to advanced level classes can seriously injure your back if you take this mistake lightly. Therefore, you have to take time and review what you know about your current capability.

If you are not aware of yoga strength, you should start from the beginning. There’s no harm in it. With time, jump over to the next level, but only after you talk to a certified yoga trainer available in those new yoga classes near you.

In brief, most beginners are excited and want to achieve results faster. This is not the correct way, though. There is no shortcut in success, and certainly never in yoga. After all, yoga is about how one can harness the power of mind, body, and soul.

Thus, under a certified yoga teacher, you get to avoid straining any muscle of your body that can later cause chronic issues to your body.

 2) You end up forgetting or skipping Sukshma Vyayama


Sukshma Vyayama or the warm-up in yoga is essential. Most beginners tend to reach 2 to 5 minutes late to their new yoga class due to which they miss the most important aspect of opening their joints and preparing the body for a deeper yoga practice.


Try to reach your yoga classes 5 minutes before the scheduled time instead. Then sit and prepare yourself for the exercise by focusing on your breathing. After that, your yoga instructor will let you know how to begin the day’s session as planned.

3) You think that you can perfect yoga asanas in one shot 


Performing asanas requires the right spirit, but some beginners try to overdo it. This over-excitement leads to mild muscle damage. If this happens, you can end up being on the bed for an entire week, instead of forming a consistent schedule for the right exercises according to your body shape and needs.


That is why we recommend to listen to your yoga teacher and follow his or her instructions. Also, it is okay for you to perform badly in the first few weeks. Everyone learns to master each posture with time. But thinking that you can perfect it in a few hours or a day is a miserable mistake to commit.

4) You do not have the concentration while you are trying different asanas


There are indeed multiple asanas for improving concentration, but to attain that level, you have to start slow. If you are overthinking while performing a single posture or pose, you can have an imbalance and might even fall.

That is why often yoga class for beginner teaches each student to practice asanas meditation. Without actually realizing the power of meditation, you will not have sufficient concentration in your mind.

Also noted that most of the performed asanas require either focused breathing or focused eyesight. So, beginners must always avoid looking over others who are performing the same pose with a high level of concertation or perfection.

Smart teenager reading book at table


That is equally necessary because if beginners in their new yoga class focus only on others, it can lead to severe de-motivation. It makes you believe that you cannot perform any asana right, which is not the case.

Focus on yourself and the lessons you learn during each class. And in case you are unable to focus on the poses, your instructors tell you to perform, then talk to the same teacher and ask for a break.

There should be no hard and fast rules for doing yoga. Otherwise, it can be rather disheartening. So, talk to your assigned teacher to get back to your schedule without missing the much-needed focus.

5) You are not trying to improve your current improper breathing


Breathing is a crucial aspect of every Asana. Beginners strangely miss this and are gasping for air. They breathe unevenly or, at times, hold their breath, which can actually hamper the asanas posture and even affect the outcome or benefit from it.

If you are a beginner, you will be more stressed with improper breathing instead of having a relaxed or relieved body. Most of the time, your certified yoga teacher will point that out for you. Otherwise, if you do yoga alone, it is hard to gauge that you are not improving your breathing.

6) You are not taking a breather after extensive yoga session 


A sweet and elongated break after a session is the same as the warm-ups before asanas. Cooling down after asanas works on the parasympathetic system of the body, which relaxes your muscles, slowing the heart rate, bringing you calm and composure afterward.

This strategy also includes pranayama or Shavasana. With this pose, you can improve your breathing, gain the excitement to do another round later on, and even give a break to your worked-up muscles.

Well, you can even sweat in peace with this kind of break. You deserve it like a great part on your back after you have completed the session for the day.

7) You wear tight clothes when you do any asana


Many beginners do not wear appropriate clothes while performing asanas.

It is essential to wear loose clothes so that you can accurately move your body in any asana. Even the breath keeps circulating through your whole body freely when you wear comfortable, sporty clothes at each yoga class near you.

Otherwise, wearing tight or uncomfortable clothes impacts the flexibility and performance of the poses you do.

8) You end up eating a lot before a yoga session


This is a terrible mistake that beginners do not even think about once. There is a disciplined format that every exercise demands. It is not only limited to yoga, per se.

Though, considered performing asanas requires you to have an empty stomach. It’s not an intentional mistake that a beginner does while munching on their favourite snack of the day just before the yoga class.

So, from next time, you need to remember not to eat anything at least 30 mins to 180 mins before the scheduled yoga class. Otherwise, you only waste energy on burning the food instead of building muscles or stamina for which you love to do yoga.

No Food, No Eating, Food, Ban, Prohibited, Forbidden



And, if you do neglect this fact, then performing extensive bouts of yoga with a heavy stomach can lead to vomiting, uneasiness, bloating, or inability to perform some specific asanas.

9) You even perform asanas when you are injured or ill


It is one of those strange mistakes beginners commit while performing asanas at a stretch.

They get carried away from the excitement of the adrenaline rush. This is more common in those people who want to become fitness enthusiasts. So, they tend to overlook even minor injuries.

But having this sort of mindset is not right. Asanas are not magic, and neither they heal your injuries in a second or an hour. For injuries to heal, you need to rest and take proper mediation.

If you are running on high fever or anything similar, especially during the lockdown period, you should stay put. The yoga sessions can wait for you to recuperate.

10) You forget a towel to dry off the sweat


That is kind of a funny but uncanny mistake. When you are going out to your new yoga class near you, you must have a yoga bag, similar to what we otherwise call a gym bag.

It should have everything from a yoga mat, water bottle, towel, and yoga clothes. Moreover, coming prepared for a yoga session is necessary. It says much about your thought process to perform different asanas in front of the certified yoga teacher.

Apart from that, we are talking about keeping the right hygiene level throughout any hot yoga class, which makes you sweat a lot.

So, when you get a break between your class, you should wash your face and dry it off with the towel. It helps maintain the body odors and keep the sweat away, primarily if you practice yoga with other students in the class.

Also, having a towel is much better than drying your sweat off from the clothes, which is a nasty habit.

11) You are wearing socks or gloves in any given season while performing yoga for a long time


Yoga sessions often are incredibly sweaty. Different asanas require the practitioner to be free from any kind of gloves or socks. Otherwise, the sweat will just collect itself and stick to your body, which only gives out a bad odour.

Besides that, doing yoga in a sweatshirt or woolen socks can release much heat from your body. This can make you fall ill unnecessarily, irrespective of the current weather conditions.

However, it is best to take the advice from your current certified yoga instructor to know what to do if you think you cannot remove your socks.

12) You aren’t keeping your spine straight


The spine plays a vital role in yoga asanas types. But most beginners are not aware of the fact of keeping the spine straight. They end up either straightening or bending it too much.

If this negligence goes on for a long time, this causes possible lower back injuries. Therefore, it is best to have your yoga teacher in front of you to teach you the tips to keep your spine straight and for how long.

13) You aren’t drinking enough water


This is a very common but again a strange mistake which beginners commit while performing an asana. They forget to drink at least 4-7 litres of water every day, especially during every alternative yoga session.


Woman Drinking Water



If you are performing asanas for at least 1-2 hours every other day, your body is burning a lot of energy and building a better bone and flesh structure. But this practice eventually needs an ample amount of minerals to keep the oxygen in your body intact along with the blood flow.

This is necessary so that your blood pressure does not rise, and neither should your skin break because of dryness or sweat. Therefore, drinking enough water keeps your skin texture best as it should be along with the body temperature, despite practising yoga for long hours.

Over to you:


Have you committed any such mistake while performing different types of yoga asanas in your daily life? We are sure no. 13 is mostly committed by everyone.

So, throw in your comments and let us know about all such experiences in your life.

What do you think?

Written by Nilakshi Garg

Nilakshi Garg is a published author. Her debut novel is Mirage. Available on Amazon, Google Play Store, and Flipkart. Otherwise, she is owner of Popularity magazine. She is also a professional blogger, motivational speaker, influencer, and writer. She is basically an entrepreneur. #bosslady


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