DARK Netflix Review: A Jaw Dropping Show Or A Big No-No?

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Ever wondered how this quarantine period and the pandemic situation will be best for you? Of course, many of us already know that. Any guesses? Well, that’s simple, through skimming and watching what’s the big fuzz about the DARK Netflix show.

Today, in this review blog, I let you know my personal Dark Netflix review. By the end of it, you will know what I really think about everything from the plot to the cast and crew. And, yes, whether this show is going to be really jaw-dropping for you or not.

What’s In It For The DARK Web Series On Netflix?

You must know that this series is not for those who cannot sit in one place for a pretty long time. This series is going to frustrate you with a lot of confusion. This series on Netflix is mostly about a boy, Jonas, and how his life turns upside down when his father, Michael, committed suicide.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s the very first scene of the first episode of Netflix’s DARK web series’ very first season. That’s how dramatic the show came to be for some viewers out there. You have to embrace it.

Some reviewers, I read online, are also saying that it’s the German Stranger Things for all we know. I have seen Stranger Things too. I won’t say that they are entirely wrong or right. The DARK show on Netflix has its own element of wicked way of putting the scenes out there for viewers to digest and ponder later when the episode ends.

What Do I Have To Say Through The Dark Netflix Review?

DARK is a critically acclaimed thriller web series on Netflix with various sci-fi elements serving as the background upon which the plot evolves.

Set in a fictional German town, Winden of 2019, the story mainly revolves around two protagonists, Jonas Kahnwald (Louis Hofmann) and Martha Nielsen (Lisa Vicari). The summary also boasts an ensemble of other not so major and minor characters portrayed by a crew of well over seventy actors.

Available on none other than the best streaming network and OTT platform, Netflix, the series is complete with a trilogy of three seasons. Therefore, I would be bifurcating DARK Netflix Review into three significant parts, giving equal importance to each season.

The Craze And Jaw-Dropping Effects Of DARK Netflix Season 1

With an astoundingly eerie background score setting the mood, the first season kicks off with characters being introduced left and right, leaving viewers for the majority of the first season in utter chaos.

The plot propels your interest in the series with the kidnapping of a young boy but soon descends into mayhem. This happens because the story unravels itself with various sci-fi mechanics. It comprises travel, black holes, and the god particle, Higgs boson.

As per my genuine DARK Netflix review, the plot thickens into a knot. The three timelines and various characters are courageous enough to travel through these dimensions for the boy’s search, who won’t be found any time soon.

With a curiosity about what would happen next, the confusion and the background music culminate in an experience, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Well, that’s how you are seemingly binge-watching through the first season.

Note: As far as my DARK Netflix review here goes by, I find that each season’s end episode is quite impressive. It makes you pull your hair and want to finish the next season as soon as possible. However, it was different torture for those who saw DARK from the first season, waiting a whole year for the upcoming season.

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The Unbelievable Scenes And Science Of DARK Netflix Season 2

In the second season, you will explore previous and new timelines with equally a greater number of characters than season one. It only adds to the existing band of confusion.

As a viewer, you would have to maintain a mental note of everything that is happening in the DARK web series on Netflix. The season 2, at one time, unwinds the mysteries of season 1. Then, it holds the strong cinematography to pull the story ahead, giving you so much more to grasp at once.

Simply put, you will be asking more questions than the ones you get the answers for. We can say, from Dark Season 1, you get a fair idea about the general ideology of the web series. However, in Dark Season 2, the writers make you dive in.


dark family tree


What you might be thinking and deciphering about the relationships, culprits, and victims might turn out to be completely wrong. Again, the ending of Season 2 is marvellous and gut-wrenching.

The ending of the Dark Season 2 is far better than Dark Season 1. It even raised the curiosity of the loyalists of the DARK Netflix show because we are all going through a pandemic situation right now. Plus, this time, the wait for the Dark Season 3 was more than a year.

The Unwanted Yet Sweet Ending Of DARK Netflix Season 3

Carrying my DARK Netflix review forward, I suggest that you prepare yourself to be confused more than ever. The first three-four episodes of Season 3 are going to make you feel frustrated, annoyed, and irritated.

You might end up thinking that it is a complete waste of time. You will literally feel the series going back to square one, seemingly the original point of the writers. However, certain scenes and episodes are rushed, like the DARK series finale; final episode of season 3.

dark netflix review


It felt like the writers fiddled around with an idea for two seasons and came up with an ending that is indeed bittersweet but feels like a cheat. All in all, the most anticipated DARK series ending leaves viewers in 2020 with a real sense of completeness.

Nonetheless, I would say, the show’s writers went all out without thinking actually about the science they intended to draw the attention towards.

Because, from where I see, is from the Physics educational background, the series actually intrigued me.

I wanted to know what more scientific factors can play around with using this show’s script. I was expecting much more out of Season 3. But I guess good things really do have to come to a short and sudden end.

My DARK Netflix Review For The Plot’s Strength

As if sewing and patching the plot as they went along with it, adding and removing characters whenever needed without limiting themselves to a definite pool of characters.

My Views On The Cast & Crew For DARK Netflix Series

The casting and make-up of the actors have also been spot-on. Artists have been purposely cast to resemble past and future versions of other characters. The make-up further makes the resemblance of characters more on point.

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How About The Acting Of The Crew?

The acting, too, is spot on. Every actor, whether playing a small or big role, has performed in a way that paints the bigger picture of the town of Winden in a colourful hue.

The characters and their inter-relations have been well explored. The portrayal of various relations between characters breathes life into an otherwise superficially normal looking town, giving it a more realistic feeling.

My Final Verdict On Dark Netflix Review:

All in all, Dark is a series on Netflix that lives up to its name and is worth watching.

It has received an average rating of 94.67% on Rotten Tomatoes over all three seasons.

The lead, Louis Hofmann received the “Best Newcomer” at the Goldene Kamera TV awards in 2018 for his portrayal of Jonas Kahnwald in Dark.

Over To You All:

Will you be willing to watch the Dark Netflix series this season or beyond? Do you think that Dark is the perfect match of thriller, suspense, spacetime innuendoes you were hunting? Comment your Dark series reviews, experiences, expectations – if you are yet to explore the world of spacetime paradoxes coming alive.

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What do you think?

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